Monday, November 2, 2009

First visit to a landed club.

I had been spending time around the house in the nude and had numerous 'discussions' with my wife and daughter over why I felt it was ok to be nude in front of them.  I explained all that I had learned and after several re-starts, I told them that I would not change my feelings about casual non-sexual nudity even though I would try to be more considerate around them.
  I had mentioned several times to my wife that I would like to go to a nudist club that was several hours from our home.  The first time I mentioned it, she was very adamant that she would not go.  This last summer I told her that I wanted to participate in the World Record Skinny Dip at the club.  I was surprised that she agreed.  She didn't just come out and say she would go, but when I mentioned it a bit later, she indicated that going was the plan and she would go.  I had contacted the club and found that even though it is not officially clothing optional, she would not need to get undressed until she felt ready.
  We arrived around 12:30 in the afternoon.  The wife of a guy I had been corresponding with met us with a towel wrapped around herself.  She showed us where we could park for the day and I undressed.  Then she gave us a tour of the facility and after we met several of the people there - all nude of course, she left us to get settled in our campsite.
  I was pleasantly surprised when my wife came around the side of the van and was nude except for shoes.  She said later that she figured "When in Rome...".  We spent the day visiting, swimming, enjoying the "Bare-B-Que" potluck and left for home as the sun was going down.
  What made this day so memorable was that she acted as naturally with nothing on as she usually does fully dressed.  She must have felt secure enough around people who were similarly undressed that she did not appear to have any of the reservations she has to even go nude in our house when we are the only ones there.  I was amazed, pleased and I will say that that Saturday was the most enjoyable day I have spent with her in a long, long time.  We really didn't do anything differently other than being nude, but the very fact that she would do that for me and seem to enjoy it was enough.
  Thank you sweetheart.  I love you more than anything.

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