Thursday, November 5, 2009


  I have always been hot-blooded.  No, not the sexual kind of hot-to-trot type of hot blooded, but I don't need any covers in bed during the summer and very little most nights during the colder months.  My wife likens me to a furnace most nights if she crawls into bed after I have been there for a little while.  I know she likes to snuggle up to a warm body, so I usually try to hop in before she does just to warm up the bed a little.
  I have noticed this even more so as I have spent time nude or nearly so around the house.  Others are wearing sweatshirts or covering up with blankets while watching TV or reading in the living room and I am not wearing anything and am perfectly comfortable.  If it is too cool for too long, the first thing I notice is the shivers, but it has to be around 64F for a while before that  happens.  My office has several computers in it that are usually always running and that keeps the chill out of that room and if the house feels cool, I either light up the wood stove or knock the chill off with a nudge of the furnace.
  I mention this because I found it enjoyable to walk in the rain on our second trip to the nudist club that I mentioned earlier.  It was a rainy day and we didn't get there until close to dusk on a Friday night.  I had to do some work in the area the next day and decided that it would be too good of a chance to pass up to spend the night at the club.
  We rented one of the cottages and planned on spending Saturday there after my job was finished.  Like I say we got there around dusk, undressed, unpacked what little we had to from the car into our cabin and decided to walk the trails for a while.  By the time we got around them all, it was getting dark so we soaked in the hot tub awhile and then went back to the cabin.  It was a little cool, but not a bad evening at all, so we sat outside and talked until bedtime.  There were very few people there, the caretaker and another couple was all that I noticed.  Since our cabin was on the path that led to the showers, the guy from the other couple stopped to chat for a while when he went for his evening shower.
  Sometime during the night, it started to rain.  I figured that would cool things off even more.  When we got up to get ready to leave I walked across the lawn to the shower while it was still lightly raining.  My wife decided she was not going to venture out as she was feeling cold even without getting rained on.  I, however decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did.
  The light rain on my skin felt like nothing I can remember.  It was just a little cool (to me anyway) and since I am usually hot, it felt absolutely wonderful.  I showered, shaved, etc. and walked back to the cabin again enjoying the feeling of the rain.  I even stopped a little while in the middle of the clearing and tilted my head back to take in all of the wonder of what was happening.
  Here again I was reminded of God and all his wonderful majesty.  The beautiful morning, the towering trees, the softly falling rain, the day coming to life slowly but surely couldn't be anything else but the Almighty letting me know that he was there that day.  It was an awesome feeling.
  Since my wife was already cool and the day didn't warm up much at all as well as continuing to rain lightly, we did not return after my work was finished.  But I do believe I will remember that walk across the lawn for as long as I can remember things.
  But back to my acclimatization.  I can't but believe that it has been my spending as much time as possible in the nude that has helped me become adjusted to the weather like I have been.  I have gone outside dressed in just a bath wrap to get a load of firewood when it was in the upper 30 degrees F and for the 5 minutes or so did not feel any colder than I would have if I had been in the house.  I notice if I touch my back, it feels cool to my hands, but I have no indication that I am cold otherwise.  I am beginning to understand what I have read about the body becoming accustomed to the environment it is in, whether trapping the heat in by clothing, or letting the body adjust its own thermostat by not wearing anything.
  As my grandson would say - COOL!!


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