Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nudist Fiction

  If you search for the term "Nudist Fiction", you will get links to all kinds of web sites that propose to have stories written by the average Joe about nudism.  Often you will find that even though the characters in the story live a lot of their lives without clothing, the story will usually involve them having sex at least once therein.
  While I realize that nudists are normal people and that married (and unfortunately - in my opinion - many unmarried people) do indeed have romantic interludes throughout their lives, I do not believe that a story that proports to be about nudism needs to include that.  We fight enough battles with the world thinking that nudism is all about sex, we don't have to blare it out that sex is the be all and end all of our nudist lives.  Sex is the same thing whether people are textile compulsive or nudists.
  I have a brother who wrote a mystery novel that centers around a nudist camp.  I will admit the plot is intriguing, though I found a few weak spots.  But the sad part about this book is the constant sexual excapades that most all of the characters have throughout the book.  There is the underage sister of the main character, the Mom, the playboy, etc.  I did read all of the book because the author is my brother.  The first time he offered it to me to proofread, I read the first couple pages and gave it back to him.  I told him that if the book started out with that many mentions of sex, it was giving the wrong impression of what nudism is really about and I didn't want to read any further.  Somehow he did get it published, so I supported him by buying one and reading it.

  All of this leads me to some nudist fiction that I believe to be of top-notch caliber. The first site is that of Tom Pine's The Naked Truth Naturists.  You do have to contact him to get a login in order to read the stories, but I think it is worth it.  Tom has written several what could be called feature length stories that have appeared a bit at a time in the issues of the Fig Leaf Forum.  After they have ended there, he has posted the story in its entirety on his web site.
  One of the first stories I read was called How Kristen Spent Her Summer Vacation.  It is located on a web site where there are a lot of stories, from full length novels like Kristen's to short stories.  It is called the Naturist Fiction Archive.  If you like reading, you might give it a try.  I haven't gotten through all of the stories, but so far none of them have any sexual overtones.
  Oh, by the way, thanks for reading my blog.  Leave comments if you like.  I hope to be able to continue putting my thoughts down for you to peruse.



  1. Hi !

    Thank you for mentioning our site (the naturist fiction archive).

    At least one of the stories on our site had a brief mention of sex, but it's in a story where naturism is the final twist of the short story. As such, the implied sex part is there to highlight the eventual cleaner naturism.

    But we try at the Naturist Fiction Archive to put as little emphasis on sex as possible, at least from the naturists.

    Of course, 2 of the stories are archives ( How Kristen spent her summer vacation and the Stephanie Conners diary) predating our website, but none of them have overt sexuality.

  2. Hey! Thanks for sharing this blog.

    I see you take the same view as I do.

    Actually, I have converted the Kristen stories (two of them, I didn't know there is a third?) to ePub format, so I can read them in my iPod and iPad. =)

    Have a great day!