Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Really - What IS a nudist?

The terms 'nudist', 'naturist', 'clothing-optional', 'clothes-free', etc. have been bandied about so much that no one really seems to have a perfect definition of any of them.  Sure 'naturist' (as opposed to 'naturAList' ) supposedly means someone that spends time in the outdoors rather than at a swanky club.  And 'nudist' means the other crowd - until you go overseas.  Then it could be anyone that appreciates the joy of not wearing clothes at any time could be called either one or the other.
  I follow several clothes-free web forums: http://www.naturist-christians.org/ and http://www.chatbocks.com/ primarily and this discussion is in each of them at one time or another.  By the way, I would recommend either or both of these for anyone wanting to know more about the clothes-free lifestyle. LIFESTYLE - now there's a word for another post.
  So what is my definition?  "Not wearing clothes when you don't have to."   I really don't care what term you use for that definition, as long as it is done without a sexual tone or agenda.  Nudity is natural.  We were all born without clothes and we spend at least part of our lives in the skin God gave us with nothing else on, so why be paranoid about clothing or nudity either one.

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