Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Nudism

Whenever there is a post somewhere about the reasons for nudism, the title of a rather in-depth article on this subject - "205 Arguments and Observations in Support of Naturism" is invariably brought up.  I have found some very noteworthy bits of information contained therein, especially how nudism should be lived by families.
 These items from that article are a couple that I want to mention at this time.

72. Most commentators say that it's the context in which family nudity takes place, not the nudity itself, that determines whether it's problematic. Children respond far more to parents' attitudes toward nudity than to the nudity itself, and nudity is only a problem when it is treated as one.97

73. Many psychologists argue that the implicit message conveyed by a lack of nudity in the home is that the body is basically unacceptable or shameful--an attitude which may carry over into discomfort about nudity in the context of adult sexual relationships.98

74. Children of "primitive" tribes, surrounded by nudity of all forms, suffer no ill effects. Neither do children who grow up in other societies which are more open about nudity than our own.99 Presumptions that exposure to nudity will lead to problems for children grow out of the preconceptions of our culture.

  Many people either recall their own childhood, or have seen children who take off their clothes and run around carefree and naked.  Parents may try to stop them or worse, scold or punish them for doing this.  While I realize they think they are protecting them from the pedophile that lurkes around every corner, there are many ways to protect those innocents besides shameing them into getting dressed.  A gentle explanation if they are in a location where vigilance is not possible and then letting them run free when they are in a place where they can be protected is one option.  Discussing when it is proper or not may not sink into little minds right away, but it will make them more susceptible to further discussions in the future.

  In the home parents should not be embarassed of their God-given bodies that they shrink behind  towels or shower curtains if a child walks in on them when nude.  I believe bathroom doors need not be closed except to keep the warmth in on cold winter days and should not be locked.  Some people think that using the toilet should be an exception, but I think that children should not be shamed into thinking any body function is gross or disgusting.  They are just normal things that happen and everyone does them, so why get all upset if you are seen in that situation.  Again, a gentle explanation is enough to tell the child that privacy is important and that if a door is closed, they should knock first and follow the wishes of the person inside.

  Why then should there be a 'magic age' when a parent should not let their child see them naked?  Most places you read about this, it is age 5.  What makes a 5 year old different than a 4 yr 11 mo old child?  What makes a 7 year old child different?  Is that 7 yr old able to be shamed into hiding their body and not come out with psychological scars that a 4 yr old child won't?  I don't think so.  Any time a person of any age is told their body should be hidden, the underlying message is that there is something wrong with it.  Building on the message of body shame day after day, year after year is enough to make anyone's self-esteem go from that care-free child running naked to the person who won't undress except behind closed, locked doors.

  It is a proven fact that a child's concept of how much and when nudity is acceptible comes from his parents.  I know for a fact that even if grandparents are casually nude around their grandchildren, but their parents are not, the children are less inclined to join in with casual nudity.  Some people say the grandparents should be punished for leading a bad example.  Looking at our society, I think those who shame their children into clothes-compulsion are the ones who should be puished for raising the next generation of porn addicted, clinically depressed, sexual experimenters.

  Ok, enough of my rant for this time.  Just as a personal note, one of the primary reasons I started researching and eventually practicing casual, non-sexual nudism was because I wanted our grandson to be raised in an environment that would possibly prevent him from becoming that next generation mentioned above.  Will it help him in that regard?  I don't know.  But I do know that I can't do it alone.  I can spread some seeds, but for him to accept his body as good and pure, he needs to be raised in a family where each gender can show him that there is nothing wrong with each individuals body.  Possibly he will then become one of those who will lead the world into a new generation of body acceptance for all.


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