Friday, October 30, 2009

One of the things I find as sad in relation to the book mentioned below is a picture in the preview web site noted.  It is the one of a man and a woman - both topless - taking pictures of each other.  Behind them walk the citizens of New York City.  What is sad is the mother of a teenage or at least almost teenage boy covering his eyes as they walk past.  What kind of issues is that boy going to grow up with if a woman's breasts are forbidden for him to see.  Where do you think he will get his looks?  That's right - pornography.  Why, Oh Why can't people see what forbidding something so natural as the body is doing to our country.  It is a known fact that in countries where casual non-sexual nudity is not such a forbidden thing, teenage pregnancy is lower and even pornography addiction is not as rampant.
  Please dear God I ask that you cleanse the hearts and minds of those who need to see that non-sexual nudity is pure and good and wholesome for everyone in the family, Amen.

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