Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christian Nudism

You might think that the term 'Christian Nudism' is an oxymoron and indeed it could be if it were up to many people who call themselves Christians.  I am a Catholic.  I am devoted to my faith.  I believe in God and the things that my Catholic faith teaches.  I do not harbor any ill-will against anyone who believes the same way about their religion unless they think their god wants them to harm anyone else in the process of believing.  I think Christianity is just one of many religions that promote good over evil and that is what everyone on earth should strive for in their lives.  Any 'religion' that promotes evil or destruction or any of the macinations of an evil entity are not religions but cults or whatever.  I am not sure I have a name for it.
  So what does any of this have to do with nudism?  Well, let me tell you - a lot.  I believe Christian Nudism (or Naturism or whatever you wish to name it) gives me a greater sense of God than I had ever thought possible.  When my wife and I went to the club this past summer, I didn't know what to expect.  I had never been in a mixed gender nude social situation.  I had been nude around the house a lot, either by myself or with my family, but I did not know quite what to expect.  I had been corresponding with someone from the club who appeared to have similar feelings about nudity as I did and that helped.
When we arrived and undressed and just spent the day visiting, swimming, etc, I found that I had never known such calmness and acceptance.  Maybe it was that everyone was equal there.  No pretentious clothing to designate the architect from the computer tech.  No bikinis to accentuate the cleavage or long legs of the women.  Whether small breasted or large, whether the body had a scar all the way down the stomach or a penis ring, whether tan or white skinned, we were all nude.  We were all more or less the way we were born and no one cared about the status of another.  We could visit and laugh and enjoy the company of people we could begin to call friends - after only one afternoon together.
I - as a man - could enjoy the beauty of a woman - any woman there - and not worry about getting aroused by the scanty bits of clothing hiding just that little bit of skin that the mind teases you into wanting to see.  It was all out in the open.  While it is never polite to stare or 'gawk', I found it extremely enjoyable to look.  Not in a sexual or lustful way, just enjoying the full beauty of God's creation.  I began to see that God is truly a master of the Arts.  He made each body different yet the same.  He sculpted and painted and molded each person - and the wonderous thing was - each body was beautiful.  There was the lady a bit younger than we are with firm youthful breasts.  There was the older lady with large pendelous breasts.  There was the man with an athletic body and the man who was very overweight.  NO ONE CARED about any of this.  It was not ugly or gross or whatever people want to say about it.  It was Gods beauty shining through each and every one of them.
  I am so very glad we went that day.  It was a revelation to me in many more ways than one.  I thank my wonderful wife for accepting my invitation to go and for being the most beautiful woman there.  I found that I loved her all the more for that one day than if she would have given me any material thing.


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