Thursday, August 2, 2012

Healthy Naturism

  Ok, I am on a roll today, so I figured I would add another post.  Actually this thought came about after listening to a podcast from – you guessed it – “The Naturist Living Show”.  In a past post I have discussed the “Bra vs Breast Cancer” debate.  Stéphane has mentioned it in one of his previous podcasts, but the one from July 31, 2012 has an interview with Sydney Ross Singer who is the researcher and co-author of the book “Dressed to Kill”.  You can listen to the podcast by clicking on this link: Healthy Naturism Podcast ,  or you can go to the Naturist Living Show web site which I have supplied a link to in the right column and download it to your computer or iPod.  This interview gave a much better insight into the controversy surrounding the whole bra vs breast cancer debate.  Mr Singer tells of his experiences with drug companies, doctors and the mass media as well as others who deny there is a reason to study this issue and why they work so hard to keep it from happening.  I think most of you can guess those reasons, but this interview makes it clear what they are.  It is a really good topic to discuss and I feel , as I said in my previous post on this topic, that we as men owe it to our wives, daughters, sisters and any woman we care about to spread this message to them lovingly and yet urgently.

Since I am discussing the health benefits of naturism, I can’t pass up the chance to mention the benefit of exposing your skin to the sun and getting a much-needed dose of Vitamin D.  Stéphane also has a podcast on this aspect of naturism on April 18, 2010.  You can listen to it at: Sunshine and Vitamin D Podcast or go to the bottom of this page Sunshine and Vitamin D to get the full story..  Many people will look at you in shock when you mention you want to expose your skin to the sun for any reason let alone to become healthier.  After all, the sun CAUSES skin cancer, it doesn’t prevent anything – or does it?  While this is again one of those controversial issues, it appears likely that getting a HEALTHY dose of sun does increase your intake of Vitamin D which studies have shown to help us fight illnesses like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, influenza, psoriasis, Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (P.M.S.), sleep disorders and autoimmune diseases. (This list is taken from The Naturist Living Show April 18, 2010 podcast description  titled “Sunshine and Vitamin D” Thanke you Stephane).  When I mention a HEALTHY dose of sun, that means that you stay in the sun just long enough so that you end up with a slight pink tint to your skin.  Getting too much sun, as in a blistering sunburn, is most likely the culprit that causes the skin cancer, etc that we who overdid it in our younger years now have our Dermatologists remove.
  Don’t take my word for these health benefits.  My purpose is to lay out the possibilities and let you do your own research.  Listen to these podcasts.  Read the articles and books.  Make the changes in your life and see if it makes a difference for you.  My wife sometimes thinks I am too gullible, but when there is no negative side of trying something, my take on it is “Why not try it?”.  What can it hurt?  What could it possibly help?  If the 'help' option outweighs the 'hurt' option, I feel I would be nuts not to do it.


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