Thursday, October 11, 2012

Naturism is Family Friendly?

I saw a quote on Pinterest that said "If it isn't Family it isn't Naturist".  That may sound a bit strange in our 'protect the children from ever seeing a naked body' society, but I think it is EXACTLY on target.  I get bothered each time I hear of a popular naturist resort that changes its policy to be an "Adults Only" facility.  Obviously, even though they say nothing sexual is going on, what other reason could there be for preventing children from going there.  While I do admit that there can be pressure put on them from the local authorities, their attitude and persistance in the true naturist lifestyle would show that there is nothing wrong with having a family resort.
  There are other naturist resorts in most of these areas as well as clothing-optional beaches, so what other reason would there be to change to an adults-only resort.  If their business was suffering because those who want to explore a bit of a wilder side of nude activities, maybe they should take a look at naturist resorts that focus heavily on the family atmosphere such as Bare Oaks Naturist Resort that I have mentioned in other posts.  From what the owner there says, they are overflowing with young people and families with children of all ages.
  Maybe if a resort subscribed to the "Ethical Naturist" philosophy as espoused by Bare Oaks and others, they would be able to increase their membership and attendance without bowing to the pressures of the Adult-oriented crowd.
  Just my take on a situation that I find undermines the way I want to experience naturism.  I am putting those adult-only resorts on notice - I will never attend your resort and I will do everything I can to encourage other naturists not to attend either.  There, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!


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