Friday, December 9, 2011

Breast Cancer??

You might wonder how Breast Cancer relates to nudism.  Well, it doesn't - not directly anyway.  However, in my searching for ways to dispel the nudity=sex atmosphere from the minds of those in my family, I stumbled across something that was absolutely astounding.
  In their book, Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, authors Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer state:
"We had written about this, and the results of our 1991-93 Bra and Breast Cancer Study, in our book "Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras" (ISCD Press). Our study was conducted on approximately 4700 U.S. women, about half of whom had breast cancer. We asked these women about their past bra-wearing attitudes and habits. What we discovered was that the women in the cancer group had a history of wearing bras tighter and longer than did the non-cancer group. In fact, many women in the cancer group slept with their bras on. Almost none were bra-free. This differed greatly from the non-cancer group.
When the results were analyzed, they revealed that women who wear bras over 12 hours daily have a dramatically increased risk of developing breast cancer compared to bra-free women. In fact, bra-free women have about the same chances of developing breast cancer as men have, and this is over 100 times less than that for women wearing bras 18-24 hours daily. When you consider that smoking increases the incidence of lung cancer 20-30 times, this makes the link between breast cancer and bras 4-5 times greater than the link between cigarettes and lung cancer!"

It is  important to note that this has been the only study on this subject that I can find.  Numerous rebuttals have surfaces saying this was not a scientific study, it was too small of a study to be accurate, yada, yada, yada.
  What I found interesting is that the results were so one-sided even for 2400 women on each side of the line - cancer survivors vs non cancer women.
  I showed this article to my wife and she pretty much said the same - "I don't really believe wearing a bra can cause cancer.  If that were true, the medical profession wold be telling us all to stop wearing bras." 
  Really, I understand any women's skepticism.  After all women have been told from pre-teen onwards that you have to wear a bra.  And mainly it is because not wearing a bra is showing your breasts to men who might take it as a sign that you are inviting sex with them.  There we are right back to the nude=sex bit.
  What I told my wife was this "What if it IS true?  What if taking your bra off when you come home from work instead of wearing it from 7am until 11pm (16 hours) or wearing a camisole or loose fitting shirt to work if possible prevents even 1% chance of you getting breast cancer?  Would it really be so horrible to go without a bra for that reason?"
 I know what cancer is.  I had testicular cancer 20 years ago and remember the surgeries, chemotherapy and sitting at home recuperating while my body groaned with the pain of it all.  I really don't want that to happen to anyone I know, much less the women in my life that might, just might have a chance to prevent it.
  How about you.  Are there any women in your lives.  Wives, daughters, sisters friends that you would like to prevent this from happening to?  Show them this blog.  Ask them to love you enough to at least take their bras off when thy don't need to have them on.
  Have them take a look at the following web sites   007 Breasts - Woman's breasts are for breastfeeding!  This site has links to many other topfreedom sites as well as an entire page related to the Bra vs Breast Cancer discussion.  Another site I have mentioned earlier is Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA) .  There are many others that have similar information.  Of course there are also many others that link going without a bra or a top by women to be sexual, so beware of what you search for.  Stick with known naturist sites and not necessarily nude sites and follow the good links.

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