Thursday, September 11, 2014

Following a new blog - East Texas Area Naturists

I found a really good article on the above blog called  Christian and Happily Nude. That post was found on the blog Home Clothes Free.  You can go directly to that Home page of their blog by clicking on the second link and directly to the Christian and Happily Nude post by choosing the first link. I have also added this blog's home page to the list of links at the right.
  Ok, so what is it I like about the post I mentioned ?  As you have read in my past posts and in my profile, I am a Catholic Christian and I live as much of the time as I can without clothing.  You could say that I, too am Christian and Happily Nude.  While reading this post I especially like this paragraph:
"In a nudist atmosphere we are more aware of Gods beautiful world.  When we go through life we  rush around, being nude outdoors causes us to become in touch with our surroundings.  We feel the air and sun on our entire body we experience textures differently .  We experience the water on our skin while swimming just as you enjoy sand  or grass between your toes same is with the rest of your body the experience is enhanced and appreciated on a different level. Many nudists love to meditate and worship in a place where they can sit in peace surrounded by Gods beauty communicating with their creator the way they were born. How can that be perverted or wrong?"
  This web site gives credence to the "Naturist-Christian" movement if you want to call it that.  I applaud the author's giving another post on the need for Casual Non-Sexual Nudity in everyone's life.

Read the entire post and then look around on their other posts. It may just open your mind to the fact that indeed we can be Christian Naturists.


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